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The Dolphin's Chosen One - Short Story
A torrent of water rushed around Delphine's head. Her head was forced below water, high pitched squeaks and clicks filled the water around her. Eyes tightly shut, the vociferous sounds penetrating her skull; digging deep down into her bones. It was as if she was lying bed that previous night, listening to the dolphins' playful whistling and chirps. Those were voices a lot more calmer on the hydrophone wherever they were taped. These sounds, the ones surrounding her now, were urgent and violent. The fear and cold had gripped her, her body shivering. She was too frightened to open her eyes, afraid that she may see whatever might come her way. Her body is in too much shock to move, even as she floats in the water calmly, her lungs are squeezing painfully for oxygen.
Something smooth slid beneath her. It's skin hard and smooth at the same time. A pillar of muscle. Sliding between her legs, her arms wrapped instinctively around the muscular figure. Feeling her head break the water's surface
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FAQs ,About marine animals in captivity:
I would like to help raise your awareness about why, there is a demand to capture and keep marine animals in captivity ; to raise your awareness because :you're creating the demand when you are visiting a marine park like SeaWorld or MarineLand or if you participate to a swim with dolphins in a vacations resort's activities.
The demand cause a market for exploitation of sea creatures!
So here are some questions and answers on the subject:
Contrary to the popular perception that all captive dolphins are born in captivity, many of those currently in captivity were once wild and free. While some water parks obtain dolphins legally, others find that obtaining the animals through proper channels takes more time and money than they are willing to invest.As a result, a thrivi
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Kotar seemed to revel in pushing the limits of those who interacted with him and trusted him.  Playing his game of trying see how much people would put up with or maybe getting them to show fear.

During one visit he seemed to particularly enjoy me rubbing his tongue, though perhaps it was just a prelude to get me to drop my guard in preparation to what he did next.  After several rounds of tongue rubbing and him swimming off to work the crowd for fish, the next time he came up, he gently closed his mouth on my arm while I was rubbing his tongue.  Now this had happened many times in the past with the bottlenose dolphins so I was not overly concerned about my safety as I knew him well by this time and trusted him [ as he trusted me by allowing me to rub his tongue ] and he had done this so that my arm was in the gap at the tip of his mouth were there are no teeth but just the hard bone of the jaw.  We were looking each other in the eye as I continued to rub his tongue.

Then he slowly began using his tongue to press my hand against the roof of his mouth.  I stopped rubbing thinking that is what he wanted and waited to see what he was going to do.  He slowly began to press harder and harder, eventually adding pressure with his jaw, never letting up.  This was not a problem at first, but after a bit it began to be uncomfortable.  Then it started to be painful.  I held out as long as I could but when I thought my arm might break, I firmly pressed my fingertips into his tongue in an attempt to let him know it hurt.  He immediately stopped squeezing but did not let me go so I stopped pressing into his tongue.  All through this we had eye contact.  

After a few seconds he began squeezing again.  When it got to a firm but still comfortable level, but still much lower than the first time, I gently pressed my fingertip into his tongue and he stopped squeezing and I stopped pressing when he did.  He seemed genuinely surprised at the difference between the two times.  After a few seconds he opened his mouth releasing me.  I did not immediately remove my hand but instead gave his tongue a good rub to let him know I was not hurt or upset by what he had done.  Though it never bruised, the place on my arm where he had been pressing with his jaw was sore for days after this.

Most interesting about this is the fact that after this incident none of the other Orcas ever grabbed me harder than the comfort level I had established with Kotar.  He was in some way able to pass this information onto the other Orcas.   I miss him and the others every day.
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Computer literate. Worked on several cetacean communications projects including JANUS. Have made several cetacean friends over the years using non verbal communications. Looking for help with applying some new methods I've come up with towards breaking the communications barrier.


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JAJAwhales Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I find it very bizarre that you put my journal entry in your favorites! Obviously , you did not get it!
All of your photos, every pictures in your pages are taken in marines parks, and petting programs.
Did it ever occurred to you, that it is the fact that " YOU "go visit places where they keep animals in captivity that is creating a market to keep animals prisoners!
0rcinusorca Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Oh, I do get it dear, better than the "fanboys and fangirls" who have never been up close and personal as I have [ UW windows aren't quite the same as actual contact ]. :)

Those pictures were taken over 30 years ago, probably before you were even born. I haven't been back to visit my friends since. Two of them have died in the intervening years too. Unlike the "fanboys and fangirls" some who go weekly supporting SW by paying their entry fees, but then most of them seem pro-captivity anyway unlike me. I am Pro Cetacean.

You wouldn't know that all I did was without any "Special Training" SW staff has for those working with Cetaceans and without any food inducement or Operant Behavior training as it is done in the shows. I've spent Thousands of hours waiting at the tank earning their trust and friendship.

They came to me because I know how to interact with them and I trust them, something staff truly doesn't do. I never fed them to get the to come over. I've even had my arm grabbed up to the elbow [ as the reports say Dawn was grabbed ] over a dozen times by four different Individuals who were testing my trust and I am fine.

I have true Cetacean friends who know and trust me and not some slave who has to perform stupid tricks to just get their daily food allowance. Yet I don't visit my friends because that would be supporting the park.

I've also worked on three Interspecies Communications projects. Ever hear of Lilly or JANUS?

I hope this has cleared up any confusion you may have had and that you now "get it" too. :)

You're welcome. ;)
JAJAwhales Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for your comments,first dear... I was very much there thirty years ago, I was actually 25 years old then, secondly I understand the work you are doing and thank you for not visiting those marine mammals parks. I still think that, these animals should be in the wild, not in tanks and that they should be considered as wild animals and not seen as pet friends. Thank you again for your point of view, it is just very different than mine.
0rcinusorca Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
Maybe not so different as you seem to think. Yes, Marine parks should be shut down, and while you're at it, zoos too.

However there are Individuals who, unfortunately, can never be released due to poor care during their captivity. It is foolish for anyone to "Believe" that they all can be released, and equally foolish to "Believe" that none can be released. Those that can be released should be. Those that cannot should be retired to a care facility in a way that has been done with other species who are unfit for release and be cared for until they die a natural death. I would be honored to help care for those that cannot be released. This would also be a great opportunity to bridge the communications gap. The ones I have met are friends, good friends. Their wishes about their fate need to be taken into consideration.

I do not consider them "pets" as that is degrading and insulting to their Intelligence but is the typical Human attitude towards them and other species. An Intelligence I have experienced first hand that is equal to that of Humans, but that Humans fear to acknowledge as it severely upsets their world view.

They know and understand the Oceans better than Humans do. We need to work *with* them to heal the Oceans and the rest of the plant so we all survive.
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the-seawolf Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012   Photographer
Thanks for the watch!
0rcinusorca Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012
np. :)
SurrealisticPillow88 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the watch! :w00t!:
0rcinusorca Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
You're welcome
orcalover109 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
Thank you for the favorites !
0rcinusorca Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
You're welcome. Who doesn't like Orcas. :)
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